• (Norwegian) SOS-slider

    (Norwegian) Profesjonell respons overtar mens du sover.

  • User-interface-Slider

    User Friendliness.

  • Docking Charger slider

    Safemate's docking charger is specifically designed for people with mild cogniti...

  • (Norwegian) omsorgslider2

    With our technology we can contribute to improved care and safety

  • Eldre slider

    Most accidents happen at home. But not all.

  • Fjellet slider

    The fog comes quickly in the mountains.

  • By Slider

    You may not have time for more than one tap.

  • Barn slider

    A six-year old doesn’t need a cell phone. Let Safemate do the job.

  • Safemate explained

    Safemate is a mobile personal alarm with GPS tracking and GSM. If help is needed, the user pressed the alarm button. Immediately up to four pre-defined alarm recipients are called in parallel. The first recipient to respond is connected with the Safemate, as in a regular phone call.

    When it is clear who responded to the alarm, this information along with Safemate position is sent to all alarm recipients.

    Safemate can be worn by children, elderly people and anyone who wants extra security.

  • (Norwegian) Leie Safemate

    (Norwegian) Leie Safemate

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Norwegian.

  • No more GSM positions

    No more GSM positions

    Up until now Safemate users have been presented a so-called backup position in the absence of a fresh GPS position. Positions like this utilize the knowledge of GSM cell towers to infer an approximate position. Alas, the precision achieved by […]

  • (Norwegian) Safemate vs SINTEF-skjema

    (Norwegian) Safemate vs SINTEF-skjema

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Norwegian.

Safemate may be purchased securely via webshop. (For use in Norway)


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