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    With our technology we can contribute to improved care and safety

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    Most accidents happen at home. But not all.

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    The fog comes quickly in the mountains.

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    You may not have time for more than one tap.

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    A six-year old doesn’t need a cell phone. Let Safemate do the job.


  • Safemate explained

    Safemate is a mobile personal alarm with GPS and GSM. If help is needed, the user pressed the alarm button. Immediately up to four pre-defined alarm recipients are called in parallel. The first recipient to respond is connected with the Safemate, as in a regular phone call.

    When it is clear who responded to the alarm, this information along with Safemate position is sent to all alarm recipients.

    Safemate can be worn by children, elderly people and anyone who wants extra security.

  • Safemate in the UK

    Safemate in the UK

    On March 20 Sales & Marketing Director Mike Easton signed the agreement making Safemate UK Ltd the fourth International Safemate partner. Safemate UK will focus on the senior market, initially in the southwestern parts of the UK. -We see a huge potential for Safemate in the UK, says Mike Easton, shaking the hand of Moreto […]

  • Premiere Promo 2

    Premiere Promo 2

    On March 6, a brand new Safemate animation movie was released. In the previous movie, a young girl felt threatened. This time, we get to know a grandmother who gets in trouble. -We make use of 3D animation because we believe that it gives the viewers a greater experience, says Marius Bjønness from the Safemate […]

  • Drama behind the Safemate idea

    Drama behind the Safemate idea

    Development of Safemate sped up four years ago, but it was the dramatic start of the entrepreneur’s son’s life that awakened the idea of ​​the security alarm.   The year is 2005, and founder John Gunnar Haugenes’ son is born. His mother feels instinctively that something is wrong, but this is denied by hospital personnel. […]

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