The security alarm for the next generation Written by safemate

New security alarm gives more freedom to the elderly

A security alarm will provide security for the elderly and disabled, and to ensure that they get assistance if they are in need. Everyone wins if the aging can live in their own home. By pressing one button the person in need will be in telephone contact with friends, family or alarmcenters, so that in practice it is always someone there if you need it.

The modern safety alarm

Safemate is the next generation of alarms. Besides establishing dialogue between Safemate carrier and a warning receiver, Safemate also sends off a text message with the position of the person who needs help. This means that Safemate works anywhere there it is cellular coverage. This provides additional security to the elderly when they pick up the mail, gardening, going for walks or holidays. Safemate is small, robust, waterproof and shockproof, and is easy to operate. It can be attached to your belt or worn around the neck. Safemate Personal Alarm works without land line, and also in the event of a power failure.

The unit is sold in Norway’s largest retail shop (Elkjøp), drugstores (Vitusapotek) and numerous web shops.

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Safemate may be purchased securely via webshop. (For use in Norway)


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