Increase safety Written by Anne-Linn B. Løvland

The Norwegian magazine “Technical Review” is quite positive to Safemate, and believes the personal alarm will strengthen the security for the elderly and those with care needs.


Today it is most common to equip these users with analog alarms, but the magazine sais that Safemate’s technology could easily outperform the analogs.

With Safemate’s various components, such as two-way voice, GPS and mobile functions, all in addition to move freely out there – something not possible with today’s analog alarms. This is one of the main reasons for the Safe Mate increase safety in relation to the analog alarms. Eva Lill Nerli is the leader for Help24, a 24/7 alarmcenter, and she agrees that such a transition is needed.

– Users will be safe when they are outdoors as well, not only inside.

– It’s really strange that no one has thought of this long ago, says John Gunnar Haugenes, the founder of Safemate.

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Safemate may be purchased securely via webshop. (For use in Norway)


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