Processing of personal data – general

Safemate personal safety alarms and computer systems are subject to Norwegian laws regarding the storage and use of personal data. The concept utilizes available technologies such as GPS and GSM. In this regard, position data, phone numbers, date stamps and other traffic data will be stored in our systems. This information is only available for the subscriber, those defined as administrators by the subscriber, and Moreto EDB’s support team.

Alarms will be published to Facebook if the owner has actively associated Safemate to their Facebook account, and turned on Facebook updates.

When the owner is not the user

If a subscriber (owner) provides another person (the user) with a Safemate, the owner must inform the user that the user’s movement can be monitored. In addition, the user must be informed that all the phone numbers listed as recipients notice at any time can call the user’s Safemate directly, and thereby establish a phone conversation.

The data stored in connection with communication through our systems will be available for a limited time. Safemate’s customer service can only share this information with the subscriber.

For a more detailed description of the policy with Safemate, read the processing of personal data in retail terms.