Safemate konseptskisse

Safemate is a user-friendly, GSM- and GPS-based personal alarm. With the touch of a button the user may call up two four pre-configured alarm recipients in parallel. The first one to respond to the alarm call will get to talk to the Safemate user. In addition to this, an SMS with position and the name of the first responder is sent to all alarm recipients.

Web user interface

Key features

  • Safemate calls up to four recipients in parallel
  • No SMS-configuration
  • Web-based User Interface
  • Mobile GUI
  • Only two buttons (alarm+on/off)
  • Up to three days battery life
  • Robust/water resistant
  • Geofence for total control
  • 24/7/365 response via Hjelp24 (optional)
  • Modest price

For a thorough walk-through, look at our video archives video archives (NB! Most are in Norwegian).

Safemate. Safety for everyone.