“Trygge spor” at Gardermoen Written by Marius Bjønness

Trygge Spor (Norwegian for “Safe tracks”) is a publicly funded project that evaluates the use of technology to track people with dementia. The Project is a result of a collaboration between five municipalities and SINTEF.

On Tuesday the 23rd of January 2013 SINTEF hosted a conference on Gardermoen which had attracted people from around 70 municipalities as well as various organizations and institutions. The main purpose of the conference was to publish the results of the project (“Trygge Sport”).

The representants from Moreto EDB – the Company behind the Safemate concept – concluded that there is a lot of interest connected with GPS tracking of people with dementia. The project also included a GPS tracking test period, and the feedback from this phase was widely positive. It is early to conclude, but it may seem as if the initial skepticism connected with GPS tracking is about to evaporate.

If this turns out to be the case, it is certainly good news for people with dementia, their nurses – and not to forget – their next-of-kin.

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