Security alarms allow many elderly people to live at home for longer. Unlike t analogue alarms the GPS and GSM-based Safemate functions wherever there is GSM coverage. Safemate is a simple and modern security alarm that alerts family, neighbours or home care if needed. Alarm receivers can directly call the Safemate, which responds automatically. Safemate can also be operated by people with reduced vision and decreased motor skills.

Safemate – specifically designed for older people and those in need of care.


    • Safemate calls all four receivers in parallel
    • Desktop charger instead of the micro-USB
    • Two buttons on the product, an alarm button and one on / off
    • Battery warning to relatives if Safemate is not charging
    • Two-way voice communication can be initiated from the carrier or relatives
    • Geofence
    • 224/7/365 response by Hjelp24 (optional service)